How We Are Different

Innovation is what drives us

Our team are determined to strengthen the foster community by empowering carers to take on any challenge with confidence. In doing so we aim to bring stability and happiness to the lives of all children and young people in care.

In order to equip carers with the ability to achieve positive changes in fostering, our focus is devoted to the following three factors.

1. Support

We are proud of the support we give to carers and their families. To ensure that everyone in our network can provide safe care, we offer guidance throughout the application process, from the moment you enquire to acceptance – and beyond.

CFS Foster Care have in-house psychologists and therapists committed to safeguarding and developing all stakeholders. Meanwhile, our peer-to-peer network can link carers to other families within the Manchester Foster Carers Association for an additional layer of support.

We have a strategic partnership with TPC Therapy, which gives young people and their carers access to specialist and child-focused therapists (read more here).

2. Development

Training is paramount to CFS Foster Care. Unlike other agencies, we train carers prior to approval, ensuring they feel qualified to take on even the most challenging placements. These children, once settled, often give the greatest reward to foster families.

Our extensive training covers attachment theory, positive relationships with young people and other critical areas of development. All of this is delivered by our therapists to any carer who applies to join our team ahead of their assessment and approval.

3. Sustainability

We value our carers and aim to make their careers future-proof. Our team are on-hand to offer 24/7 advice and guidance, while supported breaks (for up to four weeks as opposed to two) ensure carers have the flexibility to make fostering sustainable.

A smooth transition is also crucial to the long-term success of foster placements. This is why our introductory handover for more complex young people in residential or specialist placements spans a two-week period. This is unique to the industry and stems from our belief that it achieves better outcomes for all involved.

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