Our Approach And Vision

In our mission to support children with the highest levels of need, we know that people are our greatest asset.

By growing a valued network of skilled and capable carers, we are working to challenge the current methodology applied to foster care.

The main objective we share at CFS Foster Care is to deliver a high-quality service with safeguarding at its core. Our commitment to improving standards shines through in our unique approach and strong relationships with families, young people, local authorities and communities.

We work closely with all of these stakeholders to provide the support and training needed to fulfill our vision for a brighter approach to fostering.

Our Vision

We strive to develop the most resilient carers for the most challenging children. Our vision is to create a new generation of foster carers with the ability to change perceptions of fostering and bring stability to the lives of vulnerable young people.

Transparency is key to this vision. Carers should have a voice in decisions around children in their care, whilst young people should be able to express how they feel and contribute to the conversations that concern them. With CFS Foster Care, they do.

Our Approach

We listen to young people and ensure that our service is tailored to reflect their needs.

Fundamentally, our safeguarding focus does not stop at the child in placement, but also with the carer and all other stakeholders.

CFS Foster Care provide unrivalled training and support for those in our network, offering ongoing encouragement to nurture exemplary carers. Our comprehensive training packages prepare foster carers for the children that they will be caring for ahead of each placement, laying the foundations for success.

Our approach is driven by collaboration. We are always open to innovation in our drive to prioritise the development of our people and service. This focus on the success and well-being of all stakeholders makes our approach unique in the fostering sector.

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