Our Ethos & Values

CFS Care believes that the establishment of core values, from the onset, is essential.

The foundation of these values will become the cornerstone of the organisation, from which robust and outstanding services will be developed.  These values will, in one way or another, inform our approach to every aspect of the services we provide.

We take safeguarding very seriously. You can view our safeguarding policy here: CFS Care Safeguarding Policy

Excellence and Innovation

To strive for excellence in everything we do.


To ensure compliance and exceed expectation.


To create further opportunities that will benefit all stakeholders.


To nurture growth and enjoyment in achievement for all stakeholders.


To secure a culture of “working together” to achieve the best possible outcomes.


To ensure that service users welfare is promoted and they are safeguarded effectively

Putting People First

Our people are our greatest assets. We need to attract, nurture and retain the best people in order to achieve the best outcomes. We recognise hard work, outstanding conduct and a commitment to meaningful professionalism that is aligned to our values, objectives and all those who will access and benefit from our services.

Learning & Development

We support the advanced development of our people and services, which means that we will invest heavily in our staff. Carefully selected training opportunities will give employees the knowledge and skills they require to excel in their role. We will nurture personal growth and professional development, whilst actively seeking means to advance both individual and service level performance.

Standards & Outcomes

Our focus upon the best possible outcomes for stakeholders drives everything that we do. Our objective is to strive for and achieve excellence, which will lead to rewarding and enduring partnerships. We are constantly striving to be better, to work harder and deliver outcomes that exceed expectation.

Any Questions?

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