Supported and unsupported contact Facilities

The CFS Care Hub provides and facilitates a range of supported and unsupported Contact Services. We provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for children and young people who do not live at home with their natural parents. As well as supported and unsupported contact facilities, we offer a full menu of services including:
  •  Parental preparation for contact, focusing upon supporting parents to listen to their children and respond appropriately to their views, wishes and feelings;
  • Attractively furnished, private contact rooms within a beautifully presented detached period property;
  • A full range of toys and games are readily available, as well as offsite activity-based contact sessions;
  • Interventions and support is provided by fully trained and experienced social care practitioners;
  • Long-term interventions and support that aims to sustain and improve relationships, where safe to do so.
This service is available to:
  • Children and young people who may only see their parents with appropriate supervision;
  • Families in conflict or those going through separation and divorce;
  • Children and young people who, for one reason or another, require contact with significant persons in their life who they cannot visit independentl


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